The New Way to Practice Jazz

The days of playing along
with pre-recorded phrases are over.

Experience the thrill of seemingly endless variations with the Genius Jamtracks trio right from your smartphone!

AI Jazz Trio

The only play-along whose algorithm thinks and plays like a real jazz trio

Easy to read charts

Our Custom Font Makes for Beautiful, Easy to Read Chord Charts

Create a Song

Create a Song – be creative and save as many versions as you like

Edit the charts

Edit the Chart for your favorite jazz standards however you like

Rhythmic Complexity Slider

Start with simple comping and work your way up to mastering superhuman polyrhythms!

Harmonic Complexity Slider

Start with triads and work your way up to advanced substitutions and reharmonization of the song

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iPhone App

Android Tablet App

iPad App

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The one and only polyrhythmic play-along

In the Jam Session mode, the app decides on its own what to play and when to play it, based on the style of the song and the tempo.
Experiment with how the app transforms the rhythm and the harmony according to the slider levels.

Master your polyrhythms

Focus on a specific grouping, polyrhythm or rhythmic displacement. Ask the trio – or an individual instrument – to include only what you’ve requested when they introduce polyrhythmic phrasing.
As you won’t know when or how it will be used though, this feature also helps sharpen your ability to improvise as well as mastering that rhythm!

Get creative with your own songs!

Start composing the jazz standards of the next century!
Click on the Pencil icon to start experimenting with your compositions and see how they swing with the Genius Jamtracks trio.

  • Easy To Read Charts with custom fonts
  • 12 Different Song Styles
  • Add Melody Accents
  • Go From 3/4 Up To 17/4
  • Experiment with Different Complexity Levels