We are Multiapp Solutions

Multiapp Solutions was created to meet the needs of modern business in a new Internet age.

Our main office is located in Heraklion Crete and we are preparing our new office in Athens.

The expertise, responsibility, and professionalism allow us to overcome the traditional methods of an e-shop, a mobile application, even a specialized technology and give you the possibility to get in touch with simple steps to the new challenges of the times we live in.

When things are not as expected, we are always there for you, helping you, collaborating with you, and advising you.

Contemporary design creation and web design, unique promotional – advertising, and consulting services.

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The right value for each customer

Motivated by the will to grow and the desire to improve its performance in a demanding environment such as the Internet has succeeded to enhance its skills, and invest time and assets in order to be a pioneer.

Individual Approach

We are interested in long-time cooperation! We assure individual approach regarding price and deadlines.

Modern Technologies

We use Modern Technologies and we follow them in order to deliver and maintain the best result for you.

Complex Solutions

We can provide the best Complex Solutions for the Most Complex Problems that you may have.

Multiapp Solutions was created in 2012 and developed a customer-centric strategy (The right value for each customer)

Motivated by growth and the desire to improve its performance in a demanding environment such as the Internet, it has managed to enhance its skills by investing time and human resources in order to be a pioneer.

Modern design, creation, and construction of websites, unique promotional – advertising, and consulting services.

Our know-how, our responsibility, but also our professionalism, are what allow us to surpass the classic methods of an online store, an application, even a specialized technology and to give you the opportunity to get in touch, with simple steps, with the new challenges of the times we are going through.

Of course, when needed, we are always by your side, your helpers, partners, and loyal advisors, because your development is also ours.

Website design, development, construction, programming for iPhone, Android, WebTV applications, website promotion (SEO), consulting services.

The construction of websites is done with ready-made solutions but also at the request of the customer depending on the needs of the application, our experience is the vehicle and our customers are the proof.

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CEO & Founder

I.T. & GDPR Consultant, Engineering

iOS & Android Developer

+30 693 664 0314


Latsa Polyxeni

Sales Expert, Graphic Designer

Sales Expert, Graphic Designer

Tom Wuijster

Senior Web Developer

Senior Web Developer

Tsikalas Konstantinos

Junior Web Developer

Junior Web Developer

Charilaos Labri

Junior Web Developer

Junior Web Developer

Marinos Delimichalis

Junior Game Developer

Junior Game Developer

Anapoliotakis Petros

Junior Android Developer

Junior Android Developer

Andreas Anagnostopoulos

Junior Web Developer

Junior Web Developer

Anna Sofrona

Web Designer

Web Designer

Web Developer

Daniel Senik

Senior Android & Java Developer

Senior Android Developer

Java Developer

Venetia Georgiou

Quality Assurance

Support Hero, IT Department, Quality Testing

Website Programming, e-Learning

Alexandros Giatrakis

IOS Developer, Software Engineer

IOS Application Developer

IOS Gaming Developer


We are developing a comprehensive digital strategy instead of just designing your website!
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First Contact

First, we set up a friendly, in-person meeting. Listening to you is one of the most important steps in our process.
The initial talk is always free and includes some pretty decent coffee.

Discussion & Planning

No one knows the vision and goals of your business better than you do. Planning, research, and maybe a few more coffees are the most common ways of finding the best solution for your problem. We’ll take our time here. It will help save a lot of time (and a lot of money) down the road.
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Final Strategy

Great design is a combination of look and feel. It dictates the first impression visitors will have of your business and brand. We will develop an operations circle and a plan tailored to your needs, based on our expertise to help your business grow.


With deployment and final testing in mind, we go through review current material, build a content migration strategy and we proceed with browser testing, user testing, and device testing.


After your new website or App has been unleashed, we will help you in with Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, Analysis and Consultation, and of course taking care of bug Fixes, website maintenance, and your website hosting.



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