Autonomous Robots for Live Fire Training

The act of observing live fire undergoes a transformation from a static “marksmanship exercise” to a “decision-making exercise” during the turbulence and chaos of a firefight.’

Control & Command System (C2)

T.A.L.O.S. has an integrated control and command system individually and in combination when there is more than one in the same area.
The user interface (UI) is designed to be easily understandable, prioritizing simplicity and ease of use to ensure accessibility for both experienced users and novices alike.

Ability to switch targets

On the basic platform, different sizes of targets can be mounted both in metal (Hardox targets Sniper) and paper targets (with wooden bases) for close-range shooting (CQB).

Puncture resistance up to 7,62 FMJ

This version is for shots up to 1000m, the basic platform will withstand shots of at least up to 7.62 FMJ caliber if Hardox protection is fitted.


The autonomous robot solves a fundamental training gap for all military personnel: the only time they perform live-fire training with realistic moving targets – is in actual combat.

Military end users who train against a robotic, intelligent, adaptable, and unexpected enemy force will triple their skill sets in a single day.

Battery life
Puncture resistance
Ease of use
Cost effectiveness

Criteria For Selection

The Challenge: “Must be able to use live fire to instruct military personnel, transforming a dull shooting drill into a stressful, chaotic decision-making exercise during a conflict!”

Upgrade your training exercises using cost-effective live fire on targets that are reacting and moving is a must-have nowadays.

Already being used by E.T.A. which is the best SOF unit in Greece.

See it in action